Miele C3 Power Plus


This fully sealed machine is an excellent fit for those who are looking for a lightweight compact vacuum solution with the highest level of filtration. You can rest assure there is no dust or allergen emissions being discharged back into your house. Being built and designed in Germany, the level of care and quality is like no other and is exemplified in the smallest details from the adjustable telescopic wand, to the easy grip handle, and the built in hose swivel to prevent kinking

Miele AirClean filter providing excellent filtration results : Active AirClean filter Miele AirClean dustbag retaining 99.9% of all nastiness, including dirt, dust, allergens, and even bedbugs, which are hermetically sealed into the dust bag; once dirt is in the bag it stays in the bag right through to disposal

5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty



Supplied ToolsFeatures
Upholstery NozzleAutomatic Settings
Crevice NozzleElectric Handle Control
Dusting BrushSilence Motor
On Board ToolsIlluminated power indicator
PowerHead SEB 236Dual parking positions
Smooth Floor Tool SBB 300-3One Touch Cable rewind
Dust bag change indicator
Park system
Six-Step rotary dial
ColourRacing Green
Body weight of vacuum5.4 kg
Motor1200 W
Operating radius11m / 36.1 ft
Dust Bag Capacity4.5 L
Dust bagTypeGN AirClean
  • Electric Handle Control
  • Automatic Settings
  • Made in Germany